12/11/17 -

My thanks to Gary Winfield who has sent in photos to use on the sitefor BAM. Photos are from the bar gigs BAM recently hosted, a review of which is now in the review section. There are also some links to videos included.

10/11/17 -

Lutons Dinges get their output reviewed in the CD Review page and its in the form of a seven inch vinal record!

04/11/17 -

The month of September is examined in our Gigs Of The Month regular feature of monthly gigs at Esquires Bedford.

19/10/17 -

Late but August Gigs at Esquires is now up in the Gigs Reviews pages. Look out for Septembers which will be following soon.

08/10/17 -

The BAM Acoustic night is reviewed with a few pics and vids This gig featured Dois Padres, Gwinny, Berd Renolds and Chris Williams Find the review in the Gig Review section. Gigs in Bedford right up to December are now updated in the Gigs area.

19/09/17 -

Friday 1st September Bedford Alternative Music was proud to present a busy night of amazing local talent, one of the bands was among my favourite however it seems the reviewer might have had other choices. Anyway a review is now up of the gig featuring a goodbye to The Faction, a welcome hello first gig to Goodnight Venice more from the amazing Between The Bands and special opener Goliath Theory. My thanks to Martin for sending in the review.

15/09/17 -

We have Dois Padres playing a BAM gig next week, we asked Who the heck are you? find out in the latest Interview, you might even recognise one of them from the Bedford live circuit.

20/08/17 -

Due to play their CD launch Friday at Esquires Herd Behaviour have their CD reviewed at BAM.

15/08/17 -

A look at the gigs at Esquires over July in the Gig Review section.

JULY 2017
29/07/17 -

Once again we look at gigs at the Esquires Music Venue this time we look at the month of June and find out which bands “bring a warm glow to your heart” and which came over as All rather tedious.

04/07/17 -

There is a new C.D. Review up which features a vinal record lookalike CD from Thrash Gordon in the CD.Gig Review section.

02/07/17 -

Esquires gigs in May are looked at in our monthly review.

MAY 2017
23/05/17 -

The month of April is examined with gigs in that month at the Bedford Esquires venue Go take a look in the Gig Review section.

16/05/17 -

BAM recently hosted a night of metal mayhem at The Bear in Bedford. There is a review up now, it featured Perdisian, Friday At 3 and Dorosia. Photos and videos included
On the Video page there is also some vids of Bedford band The Scruff for you to see.

APRIL 2017
13/04/17 -

Live gigs over March at Esquires now up in the Review section. Find out which was "The most tiresome ever witnessed! and which were enjoyable.

MARCH 2017
15/03/17 -

What gigs were on at Esquires Bedford over the month of February? Take a look over in the Gig Review section.
The next Bedford Alternative Music gig is at The Bear on the High Street Bedford. Take a look at the ever updated Gigs list now for more info.

17/02/17 -

Gig Review now up with Videos and photos featuring the BAM Gig with Vendetta, Soviet Films, Friday At 3, The Faction and The Dum Dum Boys.

11/02/17 -

We will single out the occasional single gigs for review in our Review pages but this year starts a series of monthly reviews of special gigs of the month January 2017 is now up now up in the Gig Review section.

22/01/17 -

Full Review of 2016 Jan - Dec now up in the review section.

05/01/17 -

2016 was a great year for entertainment at the Bedford Esquires venue take a look at our year review Jan to June with part two to follow shortly. Are any of your highlights there?

01/01/17 -

Wishing all visitors a Happy New one, Gig Listings updated with bands playing to open the year off and a Review of Goliath Theory's new E.P. in the C.D. Demo Review section.

24/12/16 -

Merry Christmas everyone. If you go to the Gig Review page you will be fizzing with the Christmas spirit after reading the Tendons with Citizen Keyne Gig Review. Oi Oi!.

13/12/16 -

Bedford Alternative Music hosted a great line up for metal at the weekend with Countless Skies, Behind Blue Eyes, Vendetta and The Radio Decade. Thete is now a review up on the site with photos and videos (c)BAM except Behind Blue Eyes video.

06/11/16 -

Its Gevaudan doom metal at its finest getting the brand spanking new CD reviewed in the CD Demo review section. Also The Simpletone gets the review thumbs up. Go take a look now.

23/10/16 -

If you go over to the Photo Page you will see the Latest Photos from BAM's Acoustic Evening, which featured Chris Williams, Adiescar and Laterala.

15/10/16 -

Bands better than the sorry state of the local scene at the moment get reviewed featuring the Awersome Aghast!, the Respectable Reprisal, the Brilliant The Basilisk and a United Unitra in the Review section now! Read it and you will be Aghast!.
The Basilisk get their Make It Happen C.D. Reviewed also

08/10/16 -

Bedford Comedy Skiffle gets a look in with The Ouse Valley Singles Club CD which has been reviewed by Martin Stapleton in the C.D. Demo Review section.

05/10/16 -

New Review up now featuring a rather good C.D. launch from Black atlas who played along with other metal bands Immortalus, Mother Nuclear and another band who more likely that not will not appreciate exposure.

22/09/16 -

Red Butler from Brighton Entertained Esquires Lev 2 last month by storm! There is a review now up on the Review page with a Video included.

02/09/16 -

If you did not manage to get a ticket to either of the Don Broco Album shows you can see what you missed or relive a memory if you were lucky enough to get in by reading the Gig Review. There is also a CD Review featurings Bedford singer songwriter Elijah Miller in the CD Review section.

23/08/16 -

After the Acoustic Extravaganza hosted by this website at Esquires on Saturday there is a Photo page dedicated to the event in the Photo page section and a Video of one of the acts added to the Video page.

02/08/16 -

Esquires showcased a Battle Of The Bands this year. There is a review up of The Grand Final in the Gig Review section.
Bedford Band The Basilisk head to London for a gig in the capitol, lets see how they got on in the Gig review section also.

JULY 2016
15/07/16 -

METAL gets a look in at the Esquires venue with a review of the FSI, Depravity and Skullfucked gig which you can find more about in the Gig Reviews section.

01/07/16 -

It seems there were no updated last month apart from the Gig Listings and BOTH stats. July sees a CD Review from loud and heavy Bedford band Hulkenburg in the CD Review section.

MAY 2016
04/05/16 -

Our reviewer Martin Stapleton has sent in a review of the recent BAM gig featuring Vendetta, Laterala, Fellow Culprits, Ruthless Faze, Alexander Early. Unfortunately you wont be able to see the original draught as it made a clean get away after accidentally ending up in the wash! A second attempt from his notes on the night was rewritten and the result (along with gig photos) can now be seen in the Gig Review section. Thanks Martin.

22/05/16 -

Shonen Knife from Japan played Bedford a few weeks ago and are reviewed in our Gig Review pages.

11/05/16 -

What an amazing band Seasons are, after seeing a great performance at Bedford Esquires a few weeks ago I nabbed a free CD so did our reviewer Martin Stapleton. See what he thought by going to the CD Review page. Cheers Martin.

08/05/16 -

Band called Tellison gets the Review treatment along with Wah Wah Club and Muncie Girls in the Review section. A few local CD Reviews comming soon.

06/05/16 -

Theres another Curfew gig review now up. Those lil intimate gigs that spring up at unusual places arrount Bedford. Also, On the gig page you will find a new page deddicated to the Battle Of The Bands being put on by Esquires at the moment so stay tuned to see whats been happening.

APRIL 2016
17/04/16 -

Having seen All Girl The Franklys set at being most impressed It seems good to recapture the atmosphere in the Review we had sent in by Martin Stapleton who also mention's the lesser highlights of the evening! See Gig Reviews.

14/04/16 -

My thanks to Popular Bedford band Pearl Handled Revolver for their time for the Interview which is now up in the band Interviews section Their is also a CD review of their latest CD before the launch show.

10/04/16 -

Latest gig in the Review section features the Dub Pistols gig with Kuenta I Tambu and Easydread.

MARCH 2016
27/03/16 -

Curfew Club Gig 3 is now in the review section, which on a very wet Wednesday night featured Paul McClure, Luke Tuchscherer and The Scruff's very own Mr. Adam James Unwin.

26/03/16 -

What a fantastic night the CD launch gig of The Basilisk was Cheers to all involved, the turn out was amazing and even better than the Lev 2 gig on the same night! There is a review on the Gig Review page with photos and vid of the night attached fo you to relive the night.

22/03/16 -

New Gig Reviews featuring C C Smugglers and Immortalus are the latest in the review area!

20/03/16 -

Another of the Curfew Club gigs gets a review, this time features Darling Mundaring and Gwinny at a very different venue
We have more gig reviews on the way for you to look out for, maybe you went to a recent gig or were hoping to find out about a gig you missed so Stay Tuned!

15/03/16 -

Bedford band Pearl Handled Revolver supported The Blockheads on Ash Wednesday and there is a new review up in the Gig Review section.
In other news Esquires is running a Battle Of The Bands this year, look out for more info as we have it.

03/03/16 -

For our promoters The Pad Presents, tonight does represent quite a coup, as they have managed to book a fully fledged paid up member of The Ramones" So begins the new Review on the Gig Review page, go and read it now to see how this memorable night went.

24/02/16 -

Not been to a Curfew Club gig yet? They can spring up in the most unusual venues! Find out about the first one in the new and first gig review of the year.

30/01/16 -

There is a new review up looking at the highlights of the previous year in our 2015 Gig Review.
As you may of heard Esquires is now run on Lev 2 by Mr. Gareth Barber from Pad Presents. Good to see the venue in good hands and Bedford Alternative Music wishes him all the very best.

10/01/16 -

Finishing off 2015 with a December Gig Review of the PearlHandled Revolver show which also featured The Simpletone. Also we have a C.D. Single Review from popular Bedford band The Wholls, and as ever the Gig Listings are up to date and take you right up to March.

13/12/15 -

Couple of reviewes for you that make you think you are there. Vant and Wolfnote anr the gigs looked at and reviewed by Martin Stapleton.

27/11/15 -

Who gets scathed? And who gets praised? Find out in the latest review up featuring a punk special of Dirtbox Disco, Sick On The Bus, The Tendons, The Dilenquents.

20/11/15 -

If you ventured to Esquires Bedford over Halloween you may be interested to know there are some photos of you spooky visitors and a review of some of the bands that played so take a look in the Gig Review section.

09/11/15 -

There is a new review up in the Gig Review section featuring Lets Talk Daggers, The Surrealists, Drinsipa, and Immortalus.

04/11/15 -

Wennesday 21st October Esquires played host to Hooton Tennis Club There is a review of that gig in the Gig Review section.

03/11/15 -

Impressing a Bedford crowd when they play, Feedback aftermath get the band interview treatment in the Interview section. You may have caught them live opening the Nirvana tribute gig and there is a review of their performance in the Gig Review section but if you were wondering what the headliners were like? Well they sounded like Nirvana.

30/10/15 -

We have now reacked 240 CD reviews, the latest being local lad Alex Early who has his Complete E.P. reviewed and up in the C.D. Review section. Dont forget we host a gig in the Esquires bar Lev 1 Halloween.

17/10/15 -

Extremely good metal night in the bar at Esquires Fri 2nd October with Fuelled Hate, Dead Reckoning, Diervers, Fractured, Unitra. What ones were liked and which not so? Find out in the Gig Review section.

07/10/15 -

Young Bedford band The Basilisk get featured when they opened this years Castlefest music festival in Luton, Martin Stapleton reviews their opening performance for the event with photos and a vid included. We also interview the band so check out these updates in the Gig Reviews and Interviews pages. The local Gig Listings are updated as usual.

01/10/15 -

Our first update for October is a C.D. Review from Mr. Martin Stapleton and we take a look at some blues, featuring several guest local legends helping out on Thr3e's new 30 Day Hop blues C.D. Gig Listings updated also.

22/09/15 -

There is a new review up featuring Yellowknife Bay who played alongside The Basilisk, Adiescar and The Bluebook Project who also have their new C.D. reviewed and there is also a band interview with them for you to see. As ever the gigs pages are updated. Photo page also.

17/09/15 -

We have a new Gig Review up from July featuring Ezra Furman And The Boyfriends, Hannah Lou Clark. Coming up will be a review and photos of the last Yellowknife Bay gig.

13/09/15 -

Calm For The Restless winning best CD art on the C.D. Review pages, but what did we think of the music? Check that out now!

10/09/15 -

Well anyway, you know that Immortalus C.D. launch we put on, well we now have a review up of the actual C.D. Also a C.D. Review of Simpletone. Go to the C,D. Demo Review section.

01/09/15 -

BAM and Immortalus teamed up in August to present a special E.P. Launch for Immortalus Get yourselves to the Gig Review section for a review, vid and photos.

26/08/15 -

New review featuring The Bohicas is now up, bit of a gap since the last review but some from previous months are on their way so look out for those. They may have lost their singer but popular Bedford band The Wholls played Esquires recently along with Swoons in suport see the Gig Review section.

25/08/15 -

Elijah Miller gets some views of his new CD. Its called Skin and had its own launch at Esquires recently. See what we thought in the CD Demo Review section.

12/08/15 -

After a sell out Launch night at Esquires, local lads Don Broco released their new C.D. Already charting high there is a review in the CD Demo Review section.

08/08/15 -

Bit of Goth for you in the CD, Demmo Review section from The Acid Ballet, see the review and link to hear it for your self.

JULY 2015
27/07/15 -

.American and World folk, swing, jazz and blues band C C Smugglers get their six track Write What You Know E P reviewed in the C D Demo Review section.

JUNE 2015
25/06/15 -

There are now two reviews up featuring two packed out gigs from Pad Presents featuring The Strypes and the Thurston Moore Band. You will also find the Gig Listings up to date also as ever!.

MAY 2015
29/05/15 -

Sounds like Sat 18th April was a good night to be at Esquires. See why in the gig review for Dilenquents, Slut Drop, Verny Lee and other bands in the latest Gig Review.

20/05/15 -

At last after a long wait, we have the fantastic BAM Easter gig reviewed. Photos and Videos are included to transport you back to the Metal night in Bedford.

16/05/15 -

March this year is now covered on the Review front with a Dannys Bar Lev 1 weekday show with Smoking Durries and Tinned Fruit and a Lev 2 show featuring legendary FM.
Next up wil be the Aghast headliner from April, as ever - stay tuned!

08/05/15 -

More updates for you with a CD Review of Bedford band Bluebook Project and Gig Reviews from Imicus last show which continues our look at surrounding venues with Club 85 Hitchin. Also our very own Acoustic night held recently in Holy Molys. Photo page and Gig listings up to date also.

APRIL 2015
20/04/15 -

Ben Poole gets the review treatment it was recorded the other year but we thought a BBC recording at the Royal Albert Hall from a local Bedford lad should get a mention so head to the CD Demo Review section if you like classy well played blues.

28/04/15 -

Over the years Imicus have sent in their latest CD for review, they had their last ever gig at Club 85 Hitchin last week and tracks from their newest CD were played. It was a great show to go out on and the CD is reviewed in our CD Demo Review section.

03/04/15 -

Happy Easter BAM visitors. Punk band accused (falsely) of being racist by a few small minded people get their CD reviewed in the CD Demo Review page. Thanks Karen. Going from punk to blues with Big Boy Bloater getting his recent gig reviewed . Thanks Martin.
Also may I take this opportunity to say a big Thank You to all who came to the latest BAM gig at Lev 2 Esquires last night. It was a BLAST!

MARCH 2015
28/03/15 -

Point Of Extinction played an awesome gig at the Bear last night, bringing metal to the High Street. They also played a really good BAM gig although the reviewer wasnt too impressed. We all liked them though, so go check the review on the Gig Review page.

25/03/15 -

Esquires on a Monday? Surely not! Darlia from Monday 16th Feb gets a review treatment, they played alongside with Sundara Karma and Declan McKenna.

21/03/15 -

Two more reviews, catching up on February live! Go to the Gig Review section for reviews from Martin Stapleton (Thanks Martin), featuring Levi Weaver and spooky Halloween band Lola Colt.

20/03/15 -

We have been adding some variety to the Gig Reviews section lately, with reviews of Bedford bands playing at out of town venues and over in that section now is a new Music Scene Feature, asking the question What Is Happening to Music Culture? My thanks to Luke Wain (Of Yellowknife Bay) and Primal Magazine. Get over to the Gig Review section now.

18/03/15 -

Latest updates are a C.D. Review featuring a rare ltd. edition from Point Of Extinction and a punk night Gig Review featuring Eastfield, The Breakdowns, Spring Park, UK Vomit.

08/03/15 -

Esquires was opened on a Monday in January for a Suport Local Misic Venues night, Frankie And The Heartstrings minced on to the stage with their indie sound along with Bedfords Silver Screen. A review of which is now up in the Gig Review section along with another Out Of Bedford report featuring Bedford band Pearl Handled Revolver at London's Borderline.

24/02/15 -

Hulkenburg who hail noisily from Bedford storm The Horn which is a rather good music venue in St Albans not too far by train, there is a review of their visit in the Gig Review section.
Bedford prog/rock/metal band Basilisk had a new E.P. out which you can get off i-Tunes check them out on facebook for details. We have a review by Martin Stapleton in the C.D. Demo Review section.

16/02/15 -

The Quireboys pack out Esquires on Lev 2 and there is a review of their latest gig from December. There is also our annual look at the previous year with an overview on the year of live music that was 2014.

03/02/15 -

Velkrow Hawk impressed Bedford a few weeks ago live, there is a review of their audio output in the C.D. Demo Reviews section.

29/01/15 -

Last year I sent Interview questions to Near Moments, who forgot to send them back after having completed it. Thinking they just were not interested I diddnt push it except for a slight nudge recently. They then dug out the late return and the result you can see on the Interviews section.

24/01/15 -

New Review up of the D.I.Y. Project from Biggleswade based grungers Coarse. - See C.D. Demo section.

18/01/15 -

We have a few new reviews up featuring a few from December, it seems that any gig in that month gets called a Christmas gig, don’t know why as theres no decorations or mince pies on offer, the bands featured are Missing Andy, Exit Black, The Bluebook Project, Yellowknife Bay. Neon Waltz, The Circles and Silver Screen.

23/12/14 -

Countless Skies played a blinder Saturday there is a Gig Review which also featured Immortalus, Basilisk and Feedback Aftermath with photos, videos included. Also there is a CD update with Countless Skies new C.D.

25/11/14 -

Gig review with photo album link and a vid from the Bluebook Project gig in Dannys bar who played on Basilisk's first venue gig alomgside Ben Kelly Acoustic, Tibia and Cozmic Blaze.

21/11/14 -

Metal band Gevaudan have their 3 track E.P Reviewed.

20/11/14 -

Bedford Alternative Music bringing you Metal to Bedford with a memorable gig on Lev 2 Esquires. See the review with added videos and photopage. There is also a chance for you to get all Christmassy with a single review of Denny Mc Caffrey's new single.

16/11/14 -

Legendary Otis Gibbs gets the review treatment in the Gig Review section.

09/11/14 -

The Eagulls, Bad Breeding, Silver Arm gig gets reviewed in the Gig Review section.

02/11/14 -

Telegram gig Review and this years annual Oxjam is reviewed from the Esquires angle. cheers Martin.

October 2014
17/10/14 -

On this update we have two C.D. Reviews for you featuring Christian Webb and Luke Tuchscherer. Also two Gig Reviews that feature our latest BAM Acoustic night and the Sleaford Mods gig. Check out these in the Reviews section.

04/10/14 -

Two new reviews currently up featuring Henry & The Bleeders Anniversary show with Tendons and Dilenquents. Also DZ Deathrays with Smoking Durys and Hulkenburg in the Gig Review section.

September 2014
17/09/14 -

Cant wait till our next acoustic showcase on 17th October, in the meantime there is a review of our last one from August, check out the review and photos in the Gig Review section.

14/09/14 -

Two more reviews are up for you featuring Goth bands Theatre Of Hate and Skeletal Family. Also we have the Marmozets, Near Moments gig under review.
Coming up will be the BAM Acoustic Showcase review, as ever - Stay Tuned!

04/09/14 -

It seems Bedford was in Corby last Saturday at the Zombie Music Hut to be exact with three Bedford Bands, The Tendons and Dilenquents supporting ten years of Henry And The Bleeders. A bus was provided and was great to see so many Bedford people there! Gig Reviews on this update are Cerebal Ballzey and the Slaves gig which were both at Bedford Esquires..

August 2014
24/08/14 -

Faint Lines get their Summer sounds CD called Change reviewed in our CD Demo Review section.

22/08/14 -

The Tendons have a gig review up and there is a new C.D. review of Imicis who incidentally can be seen live at Esquires this coming Saturday, check out the Reviews section now.

17/08/14 -

Two gig reviews for you from Martin Stapleton featuring Inspiral Carpets at the Corn Exchange and legendary John Nemeth at Esquires. Next up we go punk with the Tendons!

10/08/14 -

Local three piece Speedshot have spat out a big green glob of sound in their new C.D. entitled- 'Spit' which is reviewed in the C.D. Demo Review section.

03/08/14 -

Misty In Roots, The Entebbe Sound System added to the Gig Reviews section.

02/08/14 -

Bedford has had its River Festival of bands and the usual pub and venue gigs in July and here are a few reviews from june, featuring one of our best local talents The Scruff and one of my favourite gigs this year Radkey, cheers Martin.

JUNE 2014
30/06/14 -

Two Gig Reviews for you in the shape of Natives and another for Ryan (Alicew Cooper) Roxie, cheers Martin.

30/06/14 -

Two more reviews added featuring Crocodiles, Virals, Silver Arm. Also Teleman, Gentlemen, and Whammy.

25/06/14 -

Bedford band Hulkenburg get their ear melting Demo reviewed in the C.D Demo Review section.

23/06/14 -

Wolfalice is reviewed in the Gig Review section. There is now a review up in the Gig Review section of the Secret Gig featuring George Ezra with photos and videos included. See also the Gig List for all the latest, including the River Festival line-up.

MAY 2014
23/05/14 -

Yellowknife Bay, Broken Conscience, Kill Confirmed, Last Ditch Attempt played the May The Fourth Be With You gig, there is a review in the review section and check the photo page for pics from the night.

19/05/14 -

After her C.D. Review on the site we now have Cherry Lee Mewis featured in a gig review. Also Gingerbread men and new band Proud The Beast which incidentally features one of our old sound engineers. Stay tuned for more reviews coming soon.

15/05/14 -

Acoustic Showcase Gig Review, Last Ditch Attempt, Hulkenburg Gig Review, are the latest updates, along with C.D. Reviews from Cherry Lee Mewis and Immortalus.

12/05/14 -

Coming up, we have C.D. Reviews from Cherry Lee Mewis and Immortalus. Lost of April/May Gig reviews to look out for as well.
OXJAM is back this year starting their annual Oxjam grassroots music festival, with thousands of volunteers celebrating music in their local communities by organizing their own gigs in support of Oxfam GB. They are currently in the process of recruiting gig makers and are contacting local music sites for their support. Get in touch if you can help Oxjam and encouraging local bands/artists to sign up to become Gig Makers. Click Here For Oxjam Gig Makers Info:

APRIL 2014
28/04/14 -

There is a review now up of All Tied Up, Project Noise, Of Atlas, which includes photo links. Also Macka B, The Kayanites and Jah Youth Sound System get the Review treatment. Dont forget to scroll down the archice for the reviews which have a yellow star for the Esquires web archive reviews which you may not have seen before featuring gigs and CD reviews up to 2009.

18/04/14 -

We are up to 2009 with the Esquires archive and as to the latest reviews for this year there is a review of Martin (Lights/Reviews) Stapleton's Birthday bash Metal At The Bar gig from this month 2014. Photos and Vid links included.

04/04/14 -

There is now a review up of the special anniversary gig from Robed In Desire, if you missed their interview with us last month there is a link to that with the Review.
The Esquires web archive is coming on, these are gigs marked with a yellow star on the gig review links page starting 2005 and will eventually run to 2010.

MARCH 2014
31/03/14 -

Amy Leeder at the Cross Keys and Royal Blood ar Esquires form the newest reviews for 2014. We are also publishing the old Esquires web archive with reviews that you may not have heard before They start with 2005 up to 2010. At the moment you can now see up to 2007.

22/03/14 -

Bedford's Doghouse Roses prolific giggers to the area have been interviewed via Mr. Sean Morris who asked for his band to be interviewed to share their fun and passion of being in a local band, so being one of Bedfords top bands Bedford Alternative Music said why not and you can read about them in the Interview section illustrations included. My thanks to Sean and Doghouse Roses.

14/03/14 -

Its not unheard of to find a Bedford band gig review from venues further afield like Luton and even Wakefield in the Gig Review archive Filthy Visuals get their gig in the capitol reviewed from their London Islington O2 Academy gig. Also there is a Review of the first Lev 2 Esquires Bedford gig this year which featured Credit To The Nation, our thanks to Martin Stapleton for both reviews.

02/03/14 -

Faint Lines are a new Collaboration Bedford and Cambridge based and their new debut single is looked at in the C.D. Demo Review page area.

17/02/14 -

Our usual gig reviewer Martin, heads off to Putnoe's Queens Tavern to check out Bedfords Doghouse Roses, head to the Gig Review area to see what they were like.

12/02/14 -

A few treats on offer for you with a review of the highlights of 2013 and a Gig Review of the Max Raptor, Fort Hope, Gold Skies ahead gig opening 2014 with style.

09/02/14 -

Check out the new C.D. Review od a band called Calm For The Restless also comming up, there will be a look back at all the highlight gigs of 2013. Stay Tuned!.

28/01/14 -

MK Punk band Apple Shift 7 with Bedfords Last Ditch Attempt get their gig reviewed for the first gig review of 2014.

11/01/14 -

South Bedford band Speedshot get some questions thrown at them in the Interview section, the cover page of which to supports Daniel Coltrane local tattoo artist who has supplied the art work on the Interview cover page
Big thanks to Speedshot for their time with the interview.

06/01/14 -

Two more gig reviews for you to finish off December 2013 with The Hacktivist metal gig and The Quireboys, both on lev 2 Esquires. Also, as ever the Gig listings are updated.

30/12/13 -

Young Knives, Ralfe Band, Ice, Sea, Dead People gig is reviewed and up on the site in the Gig Reviews section find out which was a WTF and which were OK. Thanks go to Martin for the review.

18/12/13 -

Metal came to town on 14th from both Bedford and Peterborough, find out how our Metal brothers from both towns got on in the review with photos/vids included.

10/12/13 -

Dub Pistols gig and the New Blood Showcase with The Casters Gig Review up for you to see with vids and photos.

03/12/13 -

I have to say I am really pleased with my purchase of the mini vinyl textured C.D. from Speedshot, indeed it looks rather cute, listen to how we thought it sounds on the C.D. Demo Review page.

01/12/13 -

Yellowknife Bay had a C.D. launch gig last month, but what about the actual C.D. itself I hear you cry. Well there is now a review of their output on the C.D. Demo Review page.

26/11/13 -

Two more reviews for you, one featuring Filthy Visuals at the Forresters Arms, the other at Esquires with Yellowknife Bay.

23/11/13 -

Girl Power night featuring Cats With Waterguns, Vendetta, The Free, Adiescar review up with photos included. Also Lyger Dolomite Minor, The Blue Book Project gig review from Martin Stapleton now up.

20/11/13 -

Juicebox get their Lev 2 Kobra And The Lotus with Santa Cruz Metal gig reviewed. Girl Power night and Lyger reviews following soon.

17/11/13 -

Not only is Adie, the lead singer of Near Moments a good singer, she also writes a good review which you can see from the Halloween Gig Review now up. This includes photos and a few vids also. You can check out more Near Moments/Adiescar reviews and more on her website www.adiescar.com Big thanks to Adi for alowing us to use the review.

06/11/13 -

The Pad and Oxjam team promoters get their gigs reviewed with a Troumaca and an entire fest.

04/11/13 -

Our Halloween and Girl Fronted Bands night over the weekend were fantastic, big thanks to all who came down. New reviews up are The Urban Voodoo Machine, Long John Laundry, The Broadway Twisters. The Filthy Visuals. and The Whybirds, Fishwives Broadside, Bill McCarthy, see Martins Stapletons review in the Gig Review section. Thanks Martin.

15/10/13 -

The Tim Burgess, Hatcham Social Gig is reviewed in the Gig Review section along with Missing Andy, White Line Diaries, Tequilla Mockingbird, The Bluebook Project, see Martins Stapletons review in the Gig Review section. Thanks Martin.

28/09/13 -

Bedford Alternative Music showcased some acoustic talent a few weeks ago, it was an enjoyable evening. There is a review with a few vids and photos included in the Review section.

24/09/13 -

We have no less than three C.D. Reviews for you from local bands Chasing Immortality, Holly Knowles, Out Of The Inside, who have all at some point played for Bedford Alternative Music check them out in the C.D. Demo Review section.

21/09/13 -

Any one miss the Bedford Don Broco gig? anyone go who wants to revisit it? Well now you can with a review, photos included. There is also a review of the Bank Holiday weekend Merchandise gig.

18/09/13 -

Out Of The Inside have their new E.P. Reviewed, which was on sale at their launch gig which is reviewed also. The review was sent in by Martin Stapleton and also includes photos and videos of the event, Tom Korni, Mashed Potato and The Informatives were also on the line up. The Don Broco gig review is up next.

17/09/13 -

Frantic Alice from nearby Milton Keynes opened our acoustic gig with an acoustic set before they head off on their country wide full band tour, their 6 track E.P. is out and reviewed in the C.D. Demo Review section now.

14/09/13 -

One or our local best bands Pearl Handled Revolver gets a review of their latest Esquires gig, my thanks to Martin for sending it in. More reviews on their way soon.

01/09/13 -

New Reviews of the following bands, Out Of The Inside, Yellowknife Bay, Fences And Floodlights who played at The Bear in town and Catfish And The Bottlemen, The Jebs, The Beautiful Sleazy, Reporters! who played the Esquires venue, some were liked others not quite so, find out which in the reviews. Thanks Martin. There are also some videos added for Fences fans.

20/08/13 -

Ash played Bedford 23rd July, one of my fave gigs of the year, the reviewer thought so too, not so with the backing band though, see Martins Stapletons review in the Gig Review section. Thanks Martin.

03/08/13 -

We had another of the popular New Blood Showcase nights in the bar in July, see the new Gig Review which includes Vids and Photos. There is another New Blood Showcase this month and before that we are hosting an acoustic evening in the bar next Saturday at Esquires so we hope to see you all at those.

JULY 2013
30/07/13 -

Fight Like Apes, Throwing Up, Misty Miller Gig Review up, thanks Martin.

23/07/13 -

Well thats the first time I have had a review sent in where the reviewer was reviewing a Lev 2 gig then went down and started reviewing the lev 1 gig instead! Read more on the Acoda, Canvas, Young Kings, Seasons Calling. Mark Joseph gig in the Gig Reviews section. My thanks to Martin and Haren for sending it in.

19/07/13 -

The Tennysons and The Primitives are reviewed in the Gig Review section, look out for more comming soon.

11/07/13 -

Pete Doherty comes to Bedford on the same day as Distortion fest find out more in the Gig Review pages.

06/07/13 -

Take The Shot, Wake The City, 3 Year Coma Gig Review now up on the gig page.

JUNE 2013
30/06/13 -

Latest Reviews ate Wolf Alice (with The Jebs again, and Lupo). Also the UK Subs (with Control, Henry & The Bleeders, Verny Lee). To follow we have a review of a gig featuring Take The Shot, Wake The City, 3 Year Coma So as ever Stay Tuned!

26/06/13 -

After a blistering party of a gig with The Kokopellies last week I have finally been able to bring my self to read the review sent in of the previous Speedshot, Hazard, Liam Burke Music gig. Admittedly not one of my personal favorites, there are some photos of the night also, some of which were supplied by Dave Johnson. Cheerrs Dave, you can find the review in the Gig Review archive dated 2nd May 2013 my thanks to Martin Stapleton for the review.
Last ever gig for Anti Hero State, with Ego Trip and party headliners The Kokopellies have a gig review up also which includes photo album and video links.

23/06/13 -

Miles Kane with Findlay, The Wholls at the Bedford Corn Exchange is reviewed by Karen Jones in the Gig Review area. Thanks Karen.

21/06/13 -

More Reviews and more to follow Bo Ningen also Wonderstuff extras Miles Hunt Erica Nockalls up on the Gig Review page.

04/06/13 -

There is a review up of the RDGLDGRN night which also featured Karl Phillips And The Midnight Ramblers, Zedo And The Method, Gingerbread Men up on the Gig Review page.

MAY 2013
31/05/13 -

I recently got sent a link to all the tracks from the Mark Line Project and pretty good it is too! You can hear one of the tracks for free, see what we thought of the rest in the review on the C.D. Demo page of the site.

22/05/13 -

As promised we now have the second review of the Obsessive Compulsive, Filthy Visuals, Lost Whilst Live, Casual Panic gig. Cheers Martin.

18/05/13 -

One of two reviews of the Obsessive Compulsive, Filthy Visuals, Lost Whilst Live, Casual Panic gig by the BAM editor is now up in the Review section. Part two by Martin will follow shortly so stay tuned!

10/05/13 -

Burial Club Adiescar and The Awkward, played a lev 2 gig recently and there is a review up on the Gig Review page. If you head to the CD Review area you can see the three track Filthy Visuals CD Review. Thanks to Martin Stapleton for both reviews on this latest update.

06/05/13 -

One of my favorite gigs April 20th In Remission, Broken Conscience, In Archive and Arcane played lev 2 to a busy crowd, check out the review with photos and vids, were you in the crowd?

APRIL 2013
26/04/13 -

Few weeks ago Steve Conte And The Crazy Truth with Genna Marabese, Long John Laundry and The Broadway Twisters hit the main stage, a review has been sent in of the event, cheers Martin.

24/04/13 -

Soon to play alongside The Rolling Stones, Drenge get their gig reviewed, they were on the Lev 2 stage with Blood Sport and Lupo. Photos and Videos of this gig are included.
The Smoking Hearts get their CD reviewed and so do Speedshot before the launch coming up.

20/04/13 -

Anyone fancy a trip to the Corn Exchange to see Stiff Little Fingers or Esquires Lev 2 to catch The Rifles? Well if you head to the Gig Review section you can do just that with reviews form Martin Stapleton. More comming your way soon.
Lev 2 Esquires tonight here at Bedford Alternative Music we host our own gig, come down and support this strong line up of bands.

13/04/13 -

It has to be said, the New Blood Thursday Showcase before Good Friday this Easter weekend was a corker of a show and one of my personal favorites, but what did site resident Martin Stapleton think of it all? Head to the Gig Review page and find out. There are some photo and vid links included also.

10/04/13 -

Next up we have the New Blood Showcase night coming very soon, in the meantime, we have for you the Acoustic Showcase review featuring The Summer Academy, Adiescar & Guests, Charles Mellor, Hadleigh Spicer and Seasons. This features photos and vids of the night. My thanks to Przemysloth Grabowski for his kind permission to use his excellent photos. Bowfinger played the bar recently, there is a review of them with Midnight Taxi and Tristan Nelson also.

04/04/13 -

Please be patient if you were playing in any of our recent gigs for the reviews (with photos/videos included), bet you cant wait! In the meantime we are catching up with the Space gig who played with Sweet Sweet Lies which is in the Gig Review section now.

MARCH 2013
31/03/13 -

Two new Reviews up featuring Deadsons and Karl Philips & The Midnight Ramblers which also featured The Poor Old Dogs who you may remember as The Ramblers a few years ago. Head to the Review section.

29/03/13 -

Big thanks must go to all who came down to the New Blood Showcase last night defiantly one of the best and fun shows.
If you head to the C.D. Demo Review page you will find a review of local lad/legend Liam Burke new 3 track E.P. He also has a gig tonight suporting The Rifles at Lev 2 Esquires.


20/03/13 -

From our recent 'A' Team Ensemble C.D. Launch gig, metal band Atopia get their new E.P. reviewed in the C.D. Demo review section.


16/03/13 -

The 'A' Team Ensemble of bands beginning with the letter A assembled in Holy Molys Lev 1 Esquires recently for a heavy metal onslaught, find out more with vids and photos included in the Review section.


14/03/13 -

Bedford Alternative Music hosts the years first New Blood Night in the Esquires bar, a great line up and atmosphere ensued. Find out what happend in the Gig Review section with photos and videos added.


10/03/13 -

Sounds live the Pure Love gig was the best at Esquires this year go back there or try it for the first time by taking a look at the latest Gig Review.


06/03/13 -

Was you at the all too rare metal gig the other week at Esquires? Skreamer were, along with Driven and Bong Goblin. Find out our reviewer Martin thought in the Gig Review section.


27/02/13 -

The Beautiful Sleazy who played along with both good and bad bands who on the night were , She Formed The Skies, New Bays and Liam Burke get their gig reviewed by Martin in the Gig Review section.
Classy Rock outfit Alexi Scarlett get their new 3 track C.D. reviewed in the C.D. Demo Review section.


24/02/13 -

Tribes gets a gig review from their recent performance who played with Chinese Missy. The Beautiful Sleazy review to follow soon.


17/02/13 -

The Punk Night Gig gets a review on the Gig Review page, Thanks Martin for sending it in I would point out though that every review if constructive will be published and is the personal view point of the reviewer and not necessarily the view of the editor.
Luton trio Punk band Hazard get their C.D. reviewed, now up in the C.D. Demo Review section.


05/02/13 -

Seasons In Wreckage hit Esquires one icey night check out Martins review on the Gig Review page, there is also a review of the Change Of Plan E.P. now up in the C.D. Demo Review section.


31/01/13 -

Two Gig Reviews for you with Henry & The Bleeders, Dilenquents, Dirty Parle from late December and an Acoustic Review which featured. Indie Forde, Amy Leeder, Tariq Shaheen, Jonny Mudd and Leon Bratt.


25/01/13 -

The Wholls sell out gig from December gets a gig review and 2012 goes under the microscope with a look at the year just passed at Esquires, What were your highlights?
Dont forget The Bedford Alternative Music Punk Night Friday at Esquires Lev 2. Doors 7:30pm.


16/01/13 -

Bedford Greats Quireboys get their gig reviewed in the latest review now up on line in the Gig Review section and both Don Broco gigs next.


13/01/13 -

Remember the awesome End Of The World Gig? You can now visit Speedshot, Filthy Visuals, Near Moments and The Kokopellies with Martins Gig Review which includes photos and videos of the night.
Prestigious gigs The Quireboys and both Don Broco gigs to follow soon.


11/01/13 -

One of the best bands to come out of 2012 was Filthy Visuals, their latest E.P. can now be found on the review page. They had a launch night to go with the C.D. and April 2013 will see the launch of their next.


10/01/13 -

Oi Oi Punk n Braces fight, I mean gig review of The 4Skins with Bakers Dozen Gig Review now up and as promised, there will be a Filthy Visuals CD Review coming soon.


07/01/13 -

Visitors to this site (The most updated and informative on the local music scene) are getting spoilt with reviews lately, we have another new review for you from late November. One of Bedfords best promoters from Upbeat Promotions had punk bands The Business, Control, Black Marias and Angry Agenda. There is now a review up of the night. Our thanks to Martin for the review, Karen for typing them up and of course to Mojo for hosting the gig.
Coming Up we have a review of The 4Skins, The End Of The World gig and a Filthy Visuals CD Review. Stay Tuned!


05/01/13 -

Another two Reviews featuring Sonic Boom Six and Pearl Handled Revolver from Martin, one that will make you wish you were there and another that makes you glad you was not. See Gig Review page.


04/01/13 -

New Review up from Martin Stapleton of the Tendons 25th Anniversary show, See Gig Review page.


30/12/12 -

Here it is for the ninth year running, the eagerly awaited Top Ten Chart of the local band C.D.s we have had sent in for review over 2012. Check out the full reviews in the C.D. Demo Review section, congratulations to all bands who had their C.D. reach our top ten poll for this year!


19/12/12 -

It is said that the world will end this Friday 21st December, well we shall see, here at Bedford Alternative Music, we are going to have a bit of fun with this anyway with our Gig Party of some of the best bands of the year to go out on at Esquires Lev 2 Bedford. The Kokopellies are one such band and we caught up with them to interview them about their band prior to their End Of The World gig, so horses head down to the Interview Section now.


06/12/12 -

Fresh up on the site in the Gig Reviews section by Martin Stapleton are two reviews from October presented by The Pad, which feature The Other Tribe, Sons Of Guns and The Scruff. Also Palma Violets, Childhood and The Jebs.


01/12/12 -

Mercury House get their first new C.D. Reviewed in the C.D. Demo Review section and there is a Gig Review of the Dreadzone gig from October. Look out for some more October Gig Reviews to follow shortly.


19/11/12 -

Last month As Daylight had their new E.P. Launch gig with us. Martin Stapleton has now heard it and tells us what he thinks in the C.D. Review, go to the C.D. Demo Review page to see if he liked it.


09/11/12 -

You cant review local band Kokopellies with out mentioning the word tropical and Bedford Alternative Music have failed also by using the word in the latest C.D. Review. This refreshingly innovative band will be opening our next gig at the End Of The World party gig next month. Go check out the new C.D. Review on the C.D. Demo Review pages.


28/10/12 -

As Daylight Dies had their free E.P. Launch gig at Esquires last week, there is a review up on the Gig Review page which includes photos and videos of the night. A big thanks to BBC Introducing, Three Counties Radio for comming down to interview our headliners on the night.


14/10/12 -

What do you get if you cross a Sheep, A Fez, and The Head Of John The Baptist? Mix them together and get the latest Bedford Alternative Music New Blood Showcase Gig which has been reviewed on the Gig Review page, with photos and videos included.
Next Fri we have another fun packed gig in Holy Molys Lev 1 Esquires with the As Daylight Dies new E.P launch, come down and join this fun party of a gig.


09/10/12 -

If Ska is your thing check out the Skank III, Skamasters, The Irregulars gig review on the Gig Review page.


07/10/12 -

Indie band Lola get their The Futures Not What It Used To Be C.D. reviewed in the C.D. Demo Review section.


06/10/12 -

New Gig Review now up featuring Wet Nuns, who played Bedford recently along with The Jebs, Filthy Visuals and Genna Marabese. My thanks to Martin Stapleton for sending in the Reviews. Stay tuned for some more reviews coming soon.


23/09/12 -

Dan Stuart with Sacri Cuori from Italy played Esquires recently see the latest Review on the Gig Reviews page.
Introducing also The Musician Forum to this site, where musicians looking to join a band or looking for a musician to join your band, maybe you want to buy/sell band equipment? If you want a single place dedicated to local band musicians, check out the new easy to post main area on the Forum section of this site which should be a great source for local bands and musicians. - We hope for this to be a worthwhile main focal point for local musicians.


19/09/12 -

You might have noticed regular review fans that the reviews have been coming in a little out of order with the Esquires venue site not updating, but here on Bedford Alternative Music should be all up to date now, along as ever with the Gig listings which should be the most up to date web you can find!
Latest Review sent in by Martin Stapleton is the Tom Hingley (Inspiral Carpets) Gig Review which also featured acoustic sets from Bedford legends Liam Burke and Sean Morris.


18/09/12 -

All the way from Australia The Vans get their gig reviewed on the gig page sent in my Martin, Also on the bill that night at Esquires were The Melophobics, Instant Social Conversion and Music And Spies. Go check it out. Coming Up Tom Hingley Gig Review.


15/09/12 -

Two fun packed weeks of Bedford Alternative Music's New Blood Showcase nights came to an end with our Crimson Dream headliners a few weeks ago, it was good to see them well attended. There is a review up in the Gig Review section which includes photo and video links.


15/09/12 -

Did you go to the Dodgy gig? Quite a few people did and there is now a review up of the well turned out gig , which also featured Rebecca De Winter and Bowfinger up in the Gig Review section. New Pub Gigs section added to the Gig list also.


11/09/12 -

Eddie And The Hot Rods with REPTILEHAuSE played Esquires late July, There is a gig review now up in the Gig Review section. New Pub Gigs section added to the Gig list also.


09/09/12 -

Deer Tick with Clandroid Gig Review now up also, classy, talented entertaining bands Reversal, Lola, Near Moments and Time Well Spent played our Indie Rock gig a week ago, if you head to the Gig Reviews page you will find a review sent in from Mr. Martin Stapleton which as ever contains links to the gig photo album and videos of the evening
Comming up is the Deer Tick gig review and an exclusive interview with Don Broco.


02/09/12 -

New Blood Thursday Showcase representing the future of Esquires gets a review featuring The Noise Theory, Avenge Me, Atopia, Spacegoat and Out Of The Inside. See also links on the review page for Gig Photos and Videos.


01/09/12 -

Apologies Gig Review fans but here at last is a review of an Acoustic Interlude which showcased some great new talent at the beginning of last month. We hope to do more of these soon. Greatfull thanks to Martin for the review, check out the video and photo page also with items of the night included.


29/08/12 -

Going back a bit further in time with the gig reviews to what seemed like a high energy gig for a Wednesday we have Martins review of The Twang, Dexters and one of my local faves The Scruff. This gig goes back to 15th August. We go slightly further back soon with a review of the BAM Acoustic Interlude nights coming up soon.


26/08/12 -

There is now a review up of the Goth infused Esquires gig featuring Anne Marie Hurst, Reptilehaus, Robed In Desire and Flesh Eating Foundation. As ever the Gig listings are up to date showing that Esquires is fully open and up for business. Bedford Alternative Music extend all the best wishes to both Rob and Tracy who are no longer at the helm but worked hard and put in a fantastic effort, they were good friends and would like to wish them luck and all the best and thank them for their friendship and support. My grateful thanks to Martin Stapleton for the gig review also.


14/08/12 -

Videos are now up on the Video page featuring entrants on our Acoustic Interlude gigs, Check out the tallent.


11/08/12 -

Bedford Alternative Music recently showcased some local talent with two Acoustic Interlude gigs, the first featured Mr. Tom Rhyland who gave out complimentary C.D.'s. What did we think? Go to the C.D. Demo Review page and see.


JULY 2012
11/07/12 -

Turgid Tourers All The Young get their set reviewed along with Likely Lads, Ego Trip and Brigante on the latest Gig Review from Martin. See Gig Review section
Relatively new up and coming The Filthy Visuals did a set at the Hob High Street Bedford recently with over an hour of requested enc ours if you have not got round to catching them yet, go see them in the Photo and Video section of this site.


JUNE 2012
16/06/12 -

You didnt like S*M*A*S*H then Martin? Martin has a review for the Jim Bob, Medway Still, S*M*A*S*H gig, thanks Martin, head to the Gig Review section now. Look out for some Bedford Alternative Music gigs coming up soon with two nights each on each of the three areas of Esquires.


12/06/12 -

It doesent look as though The Milk curdled for Martin Stapleton who has sent in a review of The Milk The Scruff The Jebs gig review which The Pad Presents promoters put on at Esquires recently. Crowd surf down to the Review section to see what happened.


MAY 2012
07/05/12 -

The May The Fourth Be With You gig is reviewed in the Gig Review section and what a party it was. Reversal were one of the bands that played and get their new C.D. reviewed.
There are photos and videos of the gig also. We are calling today REVERSAL DAY as they have their gig and CD review up on line today.


06/05/12 -

My thanks to Steve Norman for his C.D. Review of Rob Hallward's "9" which is now up on the C.D. Demo Review page.


04/05/12 -

HeKz a band that needs no introduction to the local music scene, have been up to a lot since they were last interviewed 2006. Go to the Interview page and see what singer bassist Matt Young has to say about the band. Our next BAM show will be the May The Fourth Be With You gig in Holy Molys Lev 1 Esquires Bedford with after show alternative music disco till late. This Friday 4th May.


02/05/12 -

Local Bedford lad and Blues/Rock/Guitar Legend Ben Poole gets his C.D. reviewed in the C.D. Demo section.


APRIL 2012
29/04/12 -

The Wholls get their latest C.D. reviewed after their recent Bedford C.D. launch sell out show.


24/04/12 -

Got quite a few C.D.'s lined up to review including The Wholls, Ben Pool, Lost Without Cause, firstly Imicus get Bedford Alternative Musics first downloadable track review. Ready for purchase soon. Keep checking the C.D. Demo Review section for new updates.


19/04/12 -

Our last C.D. Review was the Latest output from HeKz, here their drummer features in another band called The Kindred, altogether different and awesomely punk. Head to the C.D. Demo reviews to take a look.


16/04/12 -

A few more updates for you, Gig Reviews of the Monster Showcase (best of) and the fantastic HeKz C.D. launch gig, many thanks to all the bands that played and all that came to those gigs over the Easter weekend.
Also we have an exclusive interview with one of the bands featured on the HeKz show. As Daylight Dies. Photos and Videos from these gigs are featured also.


10/04/12 -

The Jess Morgan, The Darling Mundaring and Sean Morris acoustic gig gets a reviewed by Martin Stapleton with surprisingly no mention of the loud clown who kept interrupting most of the evening. Head to the Gig Review section now.


08/04/12 -

Club Biscuit and Roar Club get their Filthy Boy, Guitars Have Ghosts and Embrace The City reviewed by Martin Stapleton.


05/04/12 -

The long awaited and anticipated new HEKZ CD hot off the press before its launch has been reviewed check out the C.D. Demo Review section.

Four weeks of live showcase nights will be concluded with a Best Of o0n the MONSTER Showcase Thursday and the HeKz C.D. Launch show Good Friday. See you there.


03/04/12 -

Acoustic acts probably have their well rehearsed set to perform over and over again on a regular basis in Bedford and elsewhere but here at Bedford Alternative Music we mainly found acts taken away from their usual full plugged in band setting and challenged them to a 30 min acoustic set featuring a mix of their own material, their own material from their bands augmented acoustically or covers. It was interesting to see what we got and a lot of great new entertaining talent was showcased. There are reviews of the Thursday Acoustic Showcase nights that we put on recently in the review section.
Dont forget this Easter weekend Thursday is The MONSTER Showcase (best of) and Good Friday sees the official HeKz C.D. launch show. Big thanks to Martin Stapleton for the reviews.


MARCH 2012
24/03/12 -

I have to say how much Bedford Alternative Music enjoyed the Thursday Showcase nights in Dannys Bar this year it was a great pleasure meeting the bands and seeing them perform. The MONSTER SHOWCASE Best Of is now announced in the gig section for Thurs before Good Friday 5th April. The recent Acoustic nights in Holy Molys have really gone down well also, showcasing some fantastic talent. We may do more soon? Mr Martin Stapleton has done a review of last weeks Acoustic night which is also accompanied with photos and vids.


17/03/12 -

Last of the popular Thursday Showcase nights put on by ourselves featuring Locker 26, Keep Cool Casanova, Judgement Day and The Good Hookers has now been reviewed. My thanks to Martin Stapleton for the showcase reviews. Theres also links to vids, photos and the Good Hookers E.P. Review.


10/03/12 -

Ever been to a gig that has not lived up to expectations? One that disappoints? One that could have been so much more? Theres a vitriolic but constructive review of the Simon Townsend (The Who) gig on Lev 2 from a few weeks ago which also featured The Pinch (Pinching covers?) and Myndset.
Also - Week 3 of the Thursday Showcase nights has now been reviewed by Martin Stapleton and should appeal to all you punks out there.


01/03/12 -

Two Of Four of our popular Thursday Showcase nights gets a review which I actually wrote the next day on a train, hence all the train references I included for fun.
It was rather an indie/rock themed night and a full review including photos and videos is now up in the Gig Review section of the site.
As an added bonus, Centre Excuse also get there C.D. reviewed in the C.D. Demo section. There is also a link to the C.D. review from the Gig review.


29/02/12 -

Happy Leap Day everyone. A huge thanks to all who are coming to make the Thursday Showcase nights so popular, there is some great tallent being showcased. Speaking of which, friend at work Ross Connor has his self produced C.D. out which he has given over for review, see the C.D. Demo Review page. Cheers Ross.


26/02/12 -

Martin Stapleton has reviewed the first of the very popular Thursday Showcase nights featuring As Daylight Dies, 1000 Years Of Chaos, Black Polaris and The Noise Theory. Photos and Videos included.


17/02/12 -

New videos of the Speedshot gig Lev 1 with Noise Theory and Metal Kettle. Also the latest Photo page update features the Thursday Showcase nights that we are now running featuring As Daylight Dies, 1000 Years Of Chaos, Black Polaris and The Noise Theory.


24/01/12 -

My thanks to Martin Stapleton who has given me a review of the recent Wings Of Hope Charity Gig which featured City Lights last show along with As Daylight Dies who escaped injury, Kill The Image, possibly their last show as well and So Long Seattle. See the Gig Review page.


22/01/12 -

Kill The Image get their new and possibly last C.D. reviewed in the C.D. Demo Review section. Take a look at the Video page also for new Kill The Image videos along with So Long Seattle, and the last song of the last gig for City Lights.


15/01/12 -

Punksters Billy Skins have sent their C.D. in for our review page, take a look in the C.D. Demo Review section.


07/01/12 -

More photos have been added to the gig album featuring our last live gig which featured Gold Skies Ahead my thanks to Mr. Adam Gregory for his new photos included. Bedford Alternative Music has a busy gig schedule lined up with Lev 1 Showcase, Holy Molys Lev 1 Acoustic shows, Lev 2 shows, an outdoor fest on Diamond Jubilee bank holiday in June where you can vote for the best bands to feature on some River Festival spaces as well. Happy 2012.


30/12/11 -

Who made it in to our TOP FIVE C.D.s this year? We are not talking best band or using downloadable tracks just which actual band C.D. stands out the most. Some were full E.P.s some just a track or two worth merit. Go to the C.D. Demo review section now to see who got in and who reached Number One? Well done to the winners and all seven bands who got in.


22/12/11 -

5 Bands made up our last show of the year featuring Gold Skies Ahead, with EnvyFour, As Daylight Dies , Inelegance and The Noise Theory. My trusted camera battery ran dry during the gig (Got a new one on order) So I apologise for not having captured all the bands but if you go to the latest gig review, we have no less than two reviews of the night with links to a few photos and vids. More photos from another source to follow shortly (stay tuned). Big thanks to all the great bands that played and all you lovely people who came down to show your support to the bands that played.


19/09/11 -

We delivered a fantastic show Friday Returning Showing Tonight, with To Light An Abyss, In Archives and a mighty first for Keep Cool Casanova. See the review, photos and videos in the review section. A big thanks from Bedford Alternative Music to all who came down and to the bands that played


20/08/11 -

What started as a college project, from a local band drummer, has shaped up in to a new demo of various styles Zombies by Jackson One is reviewed in the C.D. Demo Review section.


JULY 2011
19/07/11 -

Bedford Alternative Music prediction of a band to keep an eye on for the future As Daylight Dies have their amazing C.D. reviewed in the C.D. Demo Review section.


JUNE 2011
26/06/11 -

Big Thanks to all that came down to our Crabcore Exclusive at Esquires on Friday at Escaping Juliets first headline show. There is a review up now in the Gig Review section which as ever comes complete with some band videos and exclusive photos. Many thanks to all the bands who played and find out who the Man Of The Match award goes to.


18/06/11 -

With the photo album about to expire, all photos have now been uploaded to a new Gig Photo Album hosted by j Album .net with click on thumbnails and slide show features. Gigs go right back to 2004 up to the present day at various Bedford venues and many great bands. Perhaps you were in one of these bands or in the audience at some of the gigs shown? Check out the new album on http://bedfordaltmusic.jalbum.net/.


MAY 2011
17/05/11 -

Lost Without Cause have a new exciting sound whose latest C.D. is now reviewed in the C.D. Demo section. Some bad news this month with the company that houses the gig photo albums has gone under with until the end of May being the last chance to see these photos before they vanish. Go check out some nostalgia on the Photo page.


02/05/11 -

Check out the Review page for the latest C.D. and Gig Review. Big thanks to Martin Stapleton for the Reversal C.D. Review Society Of Portly Gentlemen which you can obtain from the band and was on sale at the MONSTER Showcase (best of) gig. This was a memorable, worthwhile and fantastic show which Martin has also reviewed. Check out the Easter egg style hyper links which take you to other pieces of interest as well as links to the gig photo album and videos.


APRIL 2011
25/04/11 -

Radio interviews, gig tours, live gig pod casts and now a new CD. Speedshot get their New York Or Bust Promo CD reviewed in the CD Demo section.


16/04/11 -

Check out the new Envy Four C.D. Single review in the C.D. Review section - Want your band C.D. reviewed? Just send it in, e mail the editorial addy first.


11/04/11 -

There was a fantastic show at Esquires Lev 2 last Friday, featuring Don Broco with Tonight We're Electric, Fall Short For Glory and Envy Four. If you want to recapture the memories or see what you missed, go to our Video page and check out the latest vids from all four bands. The Don Broco one is the song where the audience was invited to pair up and climb aboad each others shoulders. Go check out the awesome gig now.


06/04/11 -

Putting on an amazing opening performance for us last Thursday The Rusty Gs have a new E.P. out which is reviewed in the C.D. Demo Review section.


02/04/11 -

The last of the four Thursday Showcase nights ended last Thursday, big thanks to all that came down to support, a lot of new bands and talent was bought to the Bedford gig going attention, the aim wasnt to sit down and choose the best bands going around at the moment, it was to give bands a start, either recently formed, new to Bedford or young bands, giving them a worthwhile gig opportunity. Look out for an announcement soon on the Monster Showcase on Lev 2 which will be the best of the bands on these nights. Review with photos and vids of this latest on the gig is now up on the Review page.
Coming up ... Rusty Gs C.D. Review.


MARCH 2011
28/03/11 -

Hardcore shockers Seethe rocked Bedford Saturday, I picked up a C.D. go to the C.D. Demo Review page to see what was thought.


26/03/11 -

Dead Cells or Dead Loss? Find out in the latest Thursday Showcase Gig Review, with photos and videos on the gig Review page.


20/03/11 -

Admittedly a nightmare show to put on, with bands pulling out, one of which had the promise of bringing the drum kit for all bands. There was only one way to repair this broken down gig. I had no choice but to call the A.A. (Abyss and Ascension) who were positioned as headliners with drums and main support respectively. My thanks to those bands for saving the day and of course for Cosmic Blaze for being so reliable in the first place. Review, photos and videos on the gig Review page.


15/03/11 -

Punk band R.S.I. have a 17 track album out, if you go to the C.D. Demo review page, you will see that we gave it an overview and highlighted the standout tracks.


14/03/11 -

Paul Rose has sent in a report on the recent Wolflaw Video shoot which took place in Bedford last week. - Go streight to the Gig Review page..


12/03/11 -

The 2011 Bedford Alternative Music Thursday Showcase nights kicked off in style last Thursday, see the review in the Gig Review section, with photos and videos included. Another great show next week.


09/02/11 -

See the Interview page for the latest exclusive interview with Mr. Rob Butterfield who is the new owner, promoter and band member at the Bedford Esquires Music and Entertainment venue. My thanks and best wishes go to him for taking time to answer the questions. Thanks Rob.


06/02/11 -

Local Bedford Boys Envy Four face the full barrage of questions in a band interview, coming up there will be a full interview with the new owner of the Esquires Music Venue. Keep checking the interview page.


09/01/11 -

Did you know the web site you are visiting, Bedford Alternative Music, is now in its tenth year? This March will see its tenth anniversary and to celebrate, we have some showcase nights lined up each Thursday all over March, brining in some new bands and young blood on to the live scene. I have also changed the About Us page of the site to bring it up to line with where we are at the present time.


01/01/10 -

The Bedford Alternative Music Annual TOP TEN C.D. s for 2010 is now compiled and up on the C.D. Demo Review section. Well done to the winners and all that got through. The Gigs list has now been updated for the new year. Esquires has been sold to new owners who are still taking it on as a music venue, with the Lev 1 disco room up for refirb.


30/12/10 -

See the Photo page for shots from our latest gig Stars In Their Eyes Xmas special with Enraged Horizon, Hatespire, Captain Dread and a no show for Misterbrick (promoters beware!).


03/12/10 -

Packed house gig at Esquires Bedford featuring Gallows on 25th November saw stage diving, mosh pits, band to audience face offs among a fantastic show of live music. Oh and a huge circle pit taking up the whole room with the house lights on. You can see three videos of the event on the video page.
Our next gig is on Xmas Eve at Esquires featuring four bands giving us a mixture of their own material and a Stars In Their Eyes style selection of covers, which promises to be a fantastic night and a last chance to party before Xmas.


05/11/10 -

One of my personal favourite bands The Ten Year Prospect made a special return visit last Friday, we had fireworks to mark the event along with new band Kill The Image, Suzuka and Sunset Reset. Review with gig photos and videos up on the Review page.


07/11/10 -

There is now a review up of this years Spooky Weekend Halloween gig featuring the impressive Goldblade, which includes photos and videos check it out as it was an awesome weekend of live music for the Halloween weekend.


14/10/10 -

We havent done a C.D. review for a while and like busses x2 come along at once with Dead Cells and Neverworld having there reviews now up in the C.D. Demo Review section.
Dont forget we have 3x gigs comming up The Spooky Weekend - a Halloween themed gig with Speedshot headlining Friday 29th and the mighty Goldblade on Saturday. Nov 5th sees the return of one of my fave local bands The Ten Year Prospect for a special one off show not to be missed!


18/09/10 -

Back by popular demand HeKz added Bedford Lev 1 Esquires to their recent tour taking them a while to reach the Bedford leg of the tour (they should get a faster car as someone in the croud pointed out! There is a review of the gig also featuring new band Metal Kettle, Point Of Extinction and Glass Artery in the gig Review section. Dont forget to check links to the gig photos and videos also.


JULY 2010
24/07/10 -

On Friday BCEX hosted their Student Battle Of The Bands at the Civic Theatre, a big Well Done to the winner Sunset Reset who as part of their prise package get their bands performance reviewed in the gig Review section. .


JUNE 2010
22/06/10 -

Imicus get their new C.D. Animal Factory reviewed in the C.D. Demo Review section.


21/06/10 -

This weekends local gigs are reviewed with Fridays Crimson Dream, Ascension, Kain, Sassy Judys gig reviewed. Saturday saw Horseman Shakes, with The Escape, Scared Of The Ocien, Envy Four, Acoustic gig review. Photos and Videos included. My grateful thanks to Chairz Craig Brown Dalgleish for extra Kain photos.


01/06/10 -

Happy 20th Birthday to the Esquires Music Venue and Happy 1st to Starfest Clapham in Bedford. New videos from Fridays headliners HeKz at the Esquires Birthday gig are now up on the Video page.


MAY 2010
06/05/10 -

Alias is the next local band to get their audio output reviewed in the C.D. Demo Review section. Also there is a new Photo Album in the Photo section featuring the Bank Holiday weekend Sid Worth Memorial Tribute Fund gig. This time mostly band group shots are featured although there are some live shots included also..


04/05/10 -

May the Fourth be with you, Envy Four have their new C.D. reviewed in the C.D. Demo Review section.


APRIL 2010
30/04/10 -

Despite a hampered press coverage Five Pound for a free gig tut tut Times n Citizen H Fest went ahead, there is a page dedicated to the event in the Gig Review section which features Photos, Video and full Review featuring HeKz, Haze Of Judgement and Hatespire.


12/04/10 -

The Video page has been updated with links to various local band videos from various gigs, with the latest comming from the recent energy fuelled Don Broco gig.


04/04/10 -

Check out the Review section for the MONSTER Showcase (best of) held before Good Friday, full of young blood and rising talent, find out what Ted from Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure, Giant Haystack the wrestler and Iron Maidens Steve Harris have in common. There is also a bumper photo section and videos.


01/04/10 -

Gone are their silly stage names and beer fueled spitting on stage twat anticts and in with a dynamic ability to put on an amazing and energetic live show The Smoking Hearts have trheir act together for their latest C.D. which is reviewed in the C.D. Demo Review section. Its reviews in other places just seem like a list of words from people who have hardly heard it but Bedford Alternative Music have given it a real going over.


MARCH 2010
20/03/10 -

Symbo get their C.D. reviewed in the C.D. Demo Review section.


18/03/10 -

Some escaped oafs invaded Esquires Lev 2 last week and played a fast paced gig that would give any indie band fan a heart attack. This was the Speedshot C.D. launch gig, a review of which is now up in the review section which also contain links to photos and videos of the night. My thanks to Jez for allowing me some of his photos for the album.


14/03/10 -

People fainting, moshing, crowd participation. It must be an Envy Four gig (one of their earlier gigs before they got big!) See the review in the Review section, they played along with Shadow Factory, A.R., and Apparently So, photos and videos included. That was the last of the four showcase nights, the very best of which will go upstairs on Lev 2 on Thursday 1st April so look out for The Monster Showcase (best of) in two weeks.


07/03/10 -

A sure contender for Bedford Alternative Musics Top Ten at the end of the year Glass Artery have a new C.D. available now. Go to the C.D. Demo Review section to find out what its like or worth getting ya grubby mitts on.


05/03/10 -

Next week sees the last of the last of the Thursday Showcase nights presented by Bedford Alternative Music and a good one it promises to be too! Your last chance to come and support new bands to the live local music scene before The Monster Showcase – Which is the best of the showcase nights to be held at the start of your Easter Weekend on Thursday 1st April on Lev 2. See Review section for the latest Thursday review featuring photos, a video and review of the White Lines To Sunset, Keeper Of The Rifle and The Crimson Dream.


01/03/10 -

Kids Picked Last comming in at no. 3 in the top C.D. Chart last time have a new 8 track C.D. out and available at gigs see a new review of their Rumours C.D. in the Review section now.


25/02/10 -

The second of the four Thursday Showcase nights took place this week at Lev 1 Esquires, featuring Hig Widget, Enraged Horizon and Facedown, go to the Review section for photos, videos and a review.


23/02/10 -

Videos, Photos (Thank you resident photographer James Betts) and a gig review now up featuring the Ascension C.D. Launch, Ex-Nihilo last ever show, Aghast and The Phrophecy True. - Go see the Review section.


19/02/10 -

This week kicked of the new Thursday Showcase nights for 2010. Those free fun nights in Dannys Bar Lev 1 Esquires that make Thursdays somewhere to go in town. Photos of the bands are included in a new review of the first of these featuring Suzuka, Acidity, and Sunset Reset in the Review section..


13/02/10 -

With funding help from local Bedford Band Charity The Sid Worth Memorial Fund - Watch The Walls have been to the studio and released a new C.D. entitled Lets Be Heard, which you can see reviewed in the C.D. Demo Review section.


05/02/10 -

Among his many talents and interests too numerous to name here, but more recognisable for his high flying stage antics belting vocals for Radiating Eyes Mr. Ben Goodson has now turned a hand at a C.D. Review featuring a band I know he has managed to catch live on many occasions. The 40Severn C.D. Review can be seen in the C.D. Demo review section. My thanks to Ben for sending it in to Bedford Alternative Music.


06/01/10 -

See the Gig Review section for a review of the Stars In Their Eyes (Bands come as other bands) night which includes photos and videos from a gig which I have to admit was one of the most enjoyable gigs put on.


04/01/10 -

Each year Bedford Alternative Music has run a TOP TEN CHART of the local bands reviewed through the year. - See the C.D. Review section. Well done to all the bands that got through and get your self a copy of Ascensions new C.D. at their launch gig we are putting on next month.


12/11/09 -

Check the Photo Album page for more photos from the amazing Halloween gig, both band shots and a selection of spooky visitors. See if you are amongst them. Photos are from ones taken by myself, James Betts and recently added ones from Keith Newhouse, my thanks to those people, the bands and all who came to make the night so special. I can reveal that our next gig will be Saturday 2nd January and will be a Stars In Their Eyes theme with bands coming as other bands and maybe fancy dress as well. Stay tuned for further info for another great fun gig night.


03/11/09 -

For those that came down Im sure you will agree Halloween at Esquires Lev 2 was a fantastic party night, thanks to the bands and visitors who dressed the part. You will find a review and photos on the site, my gratefull thanks to James Betts and Keith Newhouse for additional photos. - Are you in the spooky guests section?


22/10/09 -

2 new videos have been added to the Bedford Alternative Music Video Page, if you sign up and suscribe you can be notified when further band updates have been added, this time round Speedshot live at The Bear has been added.


29/09/09 -

Speedshot a band comprising 3 people from 3 different bands have a new C.D. out for you to rock out to in the C.D. Demo Review section.


28/09/09 -

Photos now up of the bands featured in the latest Sid Worth Memorial Tribute Fund fundraiser on lev 1 and 2 of Esquires on Saturday 26th September, thanks to James Betts for the Lev 2 photos included.


12/09/09 -

Due to headline our Halloween gig this year Radiating Eyes get their Steel Hearts C.D. Reviewed in the C.D. Demo review section.


08/09/09 -

From the ashes of Chaos Faerie rises a phoenix, nay behemoth of a heavy metal band Ascension. Their first as Ascension 4 track demo My Sick Salvation is now available and reviewed in the C.D. Demo Review section.


31/08/09 -

For those of you sitting in your tents at the Leeds/Reading festival over the weekend and missed the Monster Showcase (Best Of) on Friday you can find out what you missed and for those who were there can relive the event with the review now up in the Gig Review section, which features a photo session (My thanks to the sites resident photographer James Betts) and a couple of Videos of each band also. Theres an extra Attika vid on the Video page also. Wow what gig promoter gives you all that?
Due to haunt us this Halloween Dr. Slaggleberry get their new C.D. reviewed in the CD Demo section. See all updates on CD Reviews, Gig Reviews, Photo Album, Video Page and Gig List as ever all regularly updated.


22/08/09 -

Named after their favourite promoter King Keef is the tital of the newest C.D. from rock, metal, thrash band Attika which will be on sale at next Fridays Monster Showcase to be held at Esquires Lev 2 Fri 28th. Amazing band and a wonder they are not signed Firetone have their new C.D. reviewed also in the C.D. Demo Review section.


18/08/09 -

Two new videos have been added to the Video section and also linked on to the review of the gig it came from. One features Elements Of Refusal from their Dannys Bar Thursday Showcase the other is Ascension from their Lev 2 Monster Showcase. Good to see the Watch The Walls video has had 50 hits already in the short time it has been on.


16/08/09 -

Rave Alert Kids Picked Last get their Trance Rock C.D. Reviewed in the C.D. Demo Review Section, my thanks to Ash from the band for donating it to me. New videos of Attika and Watch The Walls are now up in the Video section. They are also linked along with some gig photos in the Gig Review section for the last of the Summer Thursday Showcase nights. The latest featured Your First Autumn, Kids Picked Last, Attika and Watch The Walls. Look out for another Monster Showcase on Lev 2 Esquires featuring another batch of the Best Of these showcase nights.


11/08/09 -

There is a new photo album up in the Photo section featuring the Monster Showcase wich was the best bands to feature in the Summer Thursday Showcase. My thanks to James Betts for the photos featured. There will be another Monster (Best Of) at the end of the month on Lev 2 Esquires.


07/08/09 -

Lionsex, Judgement Day, Neons Acoustic and Shadow Factory from the Summer Thursday Showcase night is now reviewed in that section. Gig photos will follow shortly.


06/08/09 -

A successful band who started with their first gigs put on by Bedford Metal/ Bedford Alternative Music and then went on to have many successful gigs and tours, mainly with up and coming Eyes Of A Traitor, played their last show on Friday 31st July at the S U in Luton. They are Aortic Dissection and there is now a video of one of their new songs never before played live, featured on their last performance which you can now see in the Video section.


05/08/09 -

There is now a new interview up featuring resident photographer at Bedford Alternative Music gigs James Betts who answers a few questions on photography related subjects in the music scene. A big thanks to James for his time and photos used with kind permission.


03/08/09 -

Indie/pop/rock band The Melophobics get their sample C.D. reviewed in the C.D. Demo Review section.


JULY 2009
31/07/09 -

Latest Thursday Summer Showcase Review featuring the amazing At A Glance and Elements Of Refusal Photos and maybe a Video to follow soon Stay Tuned!


29/07/09 -

If you go to the Photo section of the site you will find photos up of the Birthday Bash gig from Saturday 25th. Big thanks to all who came down and the bands that played, which were HeKz, Flexy Boys, Arnika and up n coming band Watch The Walls. My thanks for the ones taken by B A M photographer James Betts.


28/07/09 -

Captain Loveguns sailed to Bedford the other week, there is now a review up in the Review section. There are also photos and videos featuring Evil Scarecrow and the pirateband themselves.


23/07/09 -

Check the Interview section for a fascinating look at the music scene in one of Bedfords neighbouring towns, looking at the history, the bands, and the running of The Pitz music venue in Milton Keynes one of the best venues for well known and local bands, as a promoter myself I found this an interesting read and would like to thank Paul for his time in answering my questions for Bedford Alternative Music. See The Paul Rivers Interview in the Interview section now.


18/07/09 -

Hotly Tipped Our Divide played along with Point Of Extinction on the Thurs Showcase evening free gig at Dannys Bar Theres a Review and Photos up now.


13/07/09 -

Last Thursdays Summer Thursday Showcase featuring Fenix Fire, Temples Burning and All Tied Up inc. gig photos is now up in the review section. Also, this years Halloween Special gig is announced in the gig list.


12/07/09 -

Well done to The Delaneys for winning the Battle Of The Student Bands and Radiating Eyes for comming second at The Corn Exchange last Friday. A review has been sent in by new reviewer Dave Green. So a big thanks to him for the submission which you can find in the Review section.


05/07/09 -

Each week through Summer The Bedford Alternative Music Thursday Showcase will feature 3 or maybe 4 bands showcasing their musical talent. Check each week for gig reviews and photos covering these events.


JUNE 2009
29/06/09 -

The line up of Firetype, Saving Skylines, and Count The Days from last Fridays Esquires Lev 2 gig is reviewed in the Review section. Also featured on the gig was Alias who first played Bedford at a Dannys Bar Thursday Showcase night... More of which are starting this week! Each Thursday through summer will feature some great bands leading to a Best Of gig later on Lev 2.


MAY 2009
05/05/09 -

Review and Photos now up of the 11th Sid Worth Memorial Tribute Fund gig held on level one and two of Esquires Saturday 2nd May featuring The Nimblewits, Michael Green Band, Piztons, Cherry Lee Mewis and Band, Valentone and Tinker Jack.


APRIL 2009
25/04/09 -

A staggering 140 C.D. Reviews have been done since the site first started. The latest and 140th is by Sandy based Thrash Rock Metal band - Sever The Strings who have their Shellshock E.P. Reviewed in the C.D. Demo Review section.


08/04/09 -

A few more Sever The Strings photos (c)kane Howie have been added to the album featuring the 2nd April gig my grateful thanks to kane Howie for sending them in.


04/04/09 -

Alias and Sever The Strings were the lucky bands that got through to having the chance to play next weeks BEST OF monster showcase on Lev 2 Esquires, which promises to be a great night with Fenix Fire and In Remission from previous nights on the line up also. In adition we has as a special opening treat - an acoustic set from Daz and Ben from Radiating Eyes. Thursday before Good Friday. 8:00pm a fiver. Lev 2 Esquires Bedford. A review of last Thursdays gig is now up in the Review section check the photo album for gig pictures also.


MARCH 2009
28/03/09 -

Flexy Boys get their cakes reviewed in the C.D Demo section. The Thursday Showcase gig review, with In Remission and Flexy Boys along with photos of the night is now up in the Gig Review section.


24/03/09 -

Captain Loveguns is featured in a new video in the Aud/Vid section of the site, look out for more upcomming band videos comming to the video section soon.


21/03/09 -

Ska boppers Playing Away, with funding help form the Sid Worth Memorial Tribute Fund have their new C.D. out now, go to the Review section under C.D. Demo Reviews and take a look.


20/03/09 -

Big cheers for the people who made a fun gig at Dannys Bar Esquires on Thursday for the first of the Showcase Nights. Check the Review section for updated gig reviews and photos of these nights, the first of which is up now.


18/03/09 -

Out at last available on iTunes and C.D. lavishly recorded and produced. HeKz bring their new recording and sure to go down well with discerning metal fans, find out what its about in the C.D. Demo Review section.


01/03/09 -

A new video has been added to the video section of the Bands Page featuring Saints Of Eden, who have a release date for the new album 'Forbidden Pleasure' on April 27th. To hear a track and see the video visit the Bands page or click here - Saints Of Eden Video


28/02/09 -

Scar My Eyes and Shogun get their C.D.'s reviewed in the C.D. Demo Review section of the site.


22/02/09 -

There is now a new album in the Photo section featuring the Ex-Nihilo C.D. Launch gig which also featured Scar My Eyes, Shogun and Killer Messiah. There is also a review (with a link to the relevant photo page) of the gig in the Review section. Look out for our Dannys Bar Showcase nights coming up Thursdays in March and come down to support .


18/02/09 -

Last Saturday Bedford Alternative Music staged the final show for Slave To Nature, a great one for them to go out on but not everything went smoothly, read about the much troubled gig in the Gig Review section, my thanks to James Betts for photos accompanying the review.
Firetype have a new single out which would be good to see having airplay, there is a review in the C.D. Demo Review section.


12/01/09 -

Bedford band Wolflaw get their latest C.D. looked at in the C.D. Demo review section - Go there now for some Wolf Rockin rock action.


31/12/08 -

The annual Bedford Alternative Music Top Ten local C.D. Chart is now up in the C.D. Demo review section. Well done to all the bands that got through.


27/12/08 -

There are some new C.D. Reviews in the Review section featuring an updated review of the Speedshot C.D. a newer version with more tracks added.
The Radiating Eyes also get their C.D. looked at as indeed to Don Broco. But who will enter the Top Ten? Stay tuned in a few days pop pickers.


18/12/08 -

I recommend you get your mitts on the latest C.D. from Ex-Nihilo ... See the review in the C.D. Demo Review section ... A definite contender for this years Local Top Ten at the end of the year!


15/12/08 -

Pop punk band Rench get their C.D. reviewed in the C.D. Demo Review section. Look out for Radiating Eyes and Ex Nihilo C.D. Reviews coming soon. Also who will be reaching this years Top Ten of local C.D.s


10/06/08 -

Randall Davis interviews Steve Parker, lively bassist of Elements Of Refusal. My thanks to Steve for his time and permission to use some of the photos from his site and to Randall Davis for submitting the interview.
Look out for the new competition to win a pair of BOTB Grand Final tickets that Bedford Alternative is running in association with the corn exchange. See the gig list and forum.


03/05/08 -

Last year we Prepared For War, this year theres The Silence - the title of the new C.D. from Bedford band Slave To Nature. Check out the review in the C.D. Demo Reviews section.


MAY 2008
26/05/08 -

The New Photo Album has now been added to the site, featuring the live alternative music scene featured in a number of venues in and around the Bedford area. Take a nostalgic trip through the gigs featured over the years. Photos have been taken by us and various people over the years. If you have any gig photos you would like including please send them in. Thanks go to Adam Taylor (Tay) for the album construction .


15/05/08 -

Welcome to the new look website from Bedford Metal, now under the more broader name of BEDFORD ALTERNATIVE MUSIC featuring News, Gig Listings, Gig and C.D. Reviews, Interviews and other features connected to Metal, Punk, Rock, Ska, Indie, Goth etc. Anything that is local, original and alternative music. We hope you enjoy the site and will contribute C.D. or Gig reviews to the editorial address.
My grateful thanks to Cheryl for the infrastructure design, and Dazz Warr (Radiating Eyes) for the logo design. Special help also from Adam Taylor and Ritch Theodore.


March 2008
11/03/08 -

All New Photos in the Danny's Bar section and linked to the reviews of the Thursday Showcase nights also. My thanks to James Betts and Paul Bush for sending them in. Also a huge thanks for the video made by Mikey from Chaos Faerie who are playing this week, if you havent seen it already - check this: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=yVQvdq92__c Cheers chaps. Coming up: More Dannys Bar gig photos soon.


07/03/08 -

Resident Esquires web reviewer Martin Stapleton has submitted a great review of week two of Bedford Metal's Thursday showcase - (the gig where from now on the stage barrier fencing you now see at Danny's bar has now been installed). Thanks Martin. Also Week three reviewed - Photos to follow.


06/03/08 -
Photos now added to the 'Danny's Bar Esquires' gig section of the 'Photo' page. You can also link to them from the review of these weekly events. Gratefull thanks to Bedford Metal photo man James Betts.
February 2008
28/02/08 -

The Bedford Metal Thursday Showcase started last week, there is a review up of the night in the 'Review' section.


27/02/08 -

My thanks to Owen Davies for the review of the Modern World Promotions gig at Esquires on 15/2/08. Which featured - DMS And The Kraze, Pirate Radio, Valentone and Ed from Bowfinger. - See gig Reviews.


26/02/08 -

One of the first bands at regular Bedford Metal nights at The Ath and Danny's bar being the only promoter to have put them on in Bedford and gained quite a following - Atikka are calling it a day (but look out for band members in Apex, Pariah, to name a few). At their last gig - where it all started for them, a C.D. by the band was on sale, we take a look at the disk, the gig and the band in the C.D. Demo Review section.


16/02/08 -
Before their headlining Esquires Lev 2 gig 23rd Feb - 91 Pieces are interviewed by Bedford Metal in the 'Interview' section. Well Done to Bedford's 'The Escape' for winning their semi final round at their BOTB comp at the Corn Exchange on Thursday.
January 2008
31/01/08 -

Two C.D. Reviews in the C.D. Demo Review section, featuring indie rock band The Escape, and metal band Temples Burning.


29/01/08 -

Find out how MK band Keep Calm And Carry On became a vampire in the demo review featured in the - CD Demo Review section. Next Up: The Escape.


19/01/08 -

Our first C.D. Review this year is of Bedford band Symbo described by the NME as "Head-spinning Rock". Check what we thought in the C.D. Demo Review section.


02/01/08 -
Latest Bedford Metal Site Updates: See 'Photo' section for photos from the bands and visitors (in fancy dress!) from the Stars In Their Eyes - bands come as other bands Xmas fun gig at The Ath. - Are you there? See also photos from the latest Ath gig featuring the amazing Me Vrs The Atlantic, along with Fit To Be Tied, Abadden and Showing Tonight. - Thanks to our resident photographer James Betts of http://www.myspace.com/phothography The Bedford Metal Top Ten - see the 'Review' section 'C.D. Demo reviews for our annual run down of the best ten local band C.D.'s from 2007 - Did you send your band's C.D. in for review?


Myspace: www.myspace.com/bedfordmetal                         Email: bedfordmetal@hotmail.com                         ©  Bedford Metal 2008
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